Our Incubator

Greetings: An important message from Barry Bader and Marshall Nelson, the Founders of their respective Cedar Bay and Empirical Associations. Our cooperative endeavors over the past 7 years have resulted in an ever expanding global community of entrepreneurial humanitarians. As we have been approaching the International Currency Reset we have been researching and planning the many details necessary to effectively assist others to achieve Health, Wealth and Wisdom. Essentially, we have been planning and building Our Incubator. A startup ministry requires more than just an innovative concept and funding to be effective in today’s ever changing political and technical environments. We see ourselves as partners, Brothers and Sisters with a common goal – building ministries and humanitarian efforts to gain a solid footing in our areas of focus.

Business Incubators have been a proven method for many years as an effective resource, helping both charities and commercial businesses to be established, to grow, and to be successful at their desired mission.

Like a father to a child, an incubator provides shelter where the child can feel safe and learn how to walk and talk by offering business skills training, and access to financial planning and various professional networks. The incubator is a nurturing influence throughout the startup phase (childhood), providing various tools and advice that help the humanitarian enterprise to stand on its own two feet.

Incubators cover quite a long list of essential concepts. Generally around 100 critical issues need to be understood and applied in the establishment of an enterprise.

During the years leading up to the anticipated Currency Reset and the funding of humanitarian projects, we have continued to research and plan. Covering an extensive list of critically important business functions. Our Incubator will be in the form primarily of a distance learning video training membership website. It is currently under construction, residing on one of the largest data networks in the world, we have over 2500 training files – mostly video, on a wide array of important topics. Over 100 topics are in the online directory. Additionally, for one on one personal assistance, we will have trained facilitators available by telephone as well as our private secure communication system. In addition we will be offering Intern Programs with established humanitarian organizations that will provide “real world” experience, enhancing the online training.

The good news of the Gospel will never change. That we can count on. But a startup ministry requires more than just an innovative concept and funding to be effective in today’s ever changing political and technical environments. Here at the Empirical Incubator we see ourselves as partners, Brothers and Sisters in The Faith, helping ministries and humanitarian efforts gain a solid footing in their area of focus.


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